QuestionI need you a little bit right now... Answer

What do you need?





Didn’t do anything.

QuestionI'm aware that we might not be on the best of terms, but from one great mind to another: I heard the words come from Molly Hooper herself. That photograph was sent to your father out of pure rage. I know she claims she doesn't remember, but I saw her the other day in the library going on about how much she hated you. She might be clinically insane, and I suggest you, or someone who truly cares about her, to tell her parents to take her to the A&E. Answer

Why are you telling me this?  You must already know that I believe she sent the picture.

You’re on poor terms with her.  Obviously, you’re doing it out of spite.  But why tell me something I already know, if you’re just trying to be spiteful.

Unless you’re lying.  Molly Hooper may think I hate her, and may have called me a variety of names, but she has never claimed to hate me.  I don’t think she has it in her.

No, you’re telling me something because you want me to keep believing it.

John didn’t send my father Mycroft’s address, it was most likely a third party.  So it stands to reason that the other text, received on the same morning, from Molly’s number, was also a third party.

Oh my God, I have to call her.


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